Some people have asked about the kind of help Children of the Forest’s needs in 2019.

Funding Challenges in 2019

Despite more than 12 years of commitment to education and child protection in Sangkhlaburi, COF is currently facing serious financial challenges. These circumstances are not due to any failings on COF’s behalf. Donors are shifting their support from the Thai-Burma border to programs operating inside Burma due to political changes there in the last few years. However, most of the children supported by COF are not direct refugees from Burma.  Most were born stateless into migrant communities already in Thailand without Thai ID, and without access to subsidised education or healthcare. Consequently, political developments in Burma make little difference to their circumstances.

COF urgently requires funding support in three key area:

(1)Kindergarten & Elementary Outreach Education (21,132 USD)

(2)COF Migrant Youth High School Program (13,520 USD)

(3)Child Protection Residential Centre care (17,800 USD)

While any level of funding support would be greatly appreciated, ideally these programs require longer-term support for a period of at least 3 years to ensure stability in the education and lives of the children COF currently works with.