Support a child

For Children of the Forest, individual or group support for children has been fundamental to our goal of assisting stateless children in the care of our protection centre from elementary to high school and even on to college and university. It is only through the generosity and commitment of those contributing to our Support a Child Program that we have been able to provide protection, education and opportunity to so many.

Children of the Forest’s Support a Child Programme is trusted and unique

The philosophy of Children of the Forest is to leave no child without protection and education to ensure equal opportunity for all. The idea of caring for a sponsored child and not an unsponsored child is of course contrary to this philosophy. Therefore our Support a Child Program is managed by our experienced on site administrator in a way that is perhaps different from other foundations offering child sponsorship.

Where does my money go?

Your monthly Support a Child contribution goes into our specific child protection and education fund for the children in our residential child protection program. This fund is currently responsible for providing the protection, care and education of more than 100 children in various stages of school from nursery to high school.

A new supporter therefore increases not only the security and stability of one child but the entire group.

The Children of the Forest Support a Child fund provides assistance in the following ways:

  • care of the child
  • clothing
  • the child’s meals
  • school fees
  • transportation to and from school
  • uniforms
  • learning materials
  • documentation
  • child protection

Everything a child needs to succeed in their education for 30 USD per month

What we provide you with 

As a child’s supporter we will provide you with both updates on an individual child and the education group as a whole. It is valuable to look at one child’s progress to promote understanding of the life of stateless children. We also feel that providing the child’s supporter with a more general update on the progress of the entire education fund beneficiaries will help supporters to understand the overall scope of our work.

If you would like to support a child we would love to hear from you!

Please contact us here to Support a Child

Some questions we get asked

  • Are there ways to help a stateless child other than a 
    monthly contribution?

YES!  We understand that some supporters may not be in the financial position to commit to monthly funding. In these circumstances a one time contribution to our education group fund would be greatly appreciated. These donations have proved invaluable when sponsor funds have not been sufficient to meet the needs of the entire education group.


are some ideas for a one time donation to help COF

  • Does my monthly support for a child go directly to the child?

The children do not receive your cash but we ensure that they receive the full benefit of what you are giving. There are no administration or operating costs charged to your sponsorship.

  • How long is my commitment? When do children finish the program?

We aim to ensure the children complete a minimum of elementary and high school education. After this, vocational colleges and universities are available to promote even greater development for individuals and communities.

As a supporter’s financial situation may change, we understand it may not be possible for them to support a child for such a long period. However, it is important for you to know that a decrease in our Support a Child fund can threaten the security and stability of our education program so we do request that you give us sufficient notice to search for an alternative donor.

  •  Can I send extra money or a small present, for example, on the 
    occasion of my sponsored child's birthday?

We usually say no as we want all the children we are working with to feel equal. However, our administrator will guide you on a case-by-case basis. It might be that you decide to support a special meal or a treat on your child’s birthday for the child and his or her friends or classmates.

Please contact us here to Support a Child