Scholarship Initiative

The Scholarship Initiative provides full scholarships to stateless young people living on the Thai/Myanmar border. The young people with whom we are working have all gone through challenging childhoods, often without the safe, secure and caring setting of a family home. Instead they have grown up at the Child Protection Centre, Children of the Forest, where they have been fortunate to complete primary and secondary education and matured into strong, dedicated individuals with high ambitions for their own future and the future of their communities. Yet, despite their academic abilities, the fact of being stateless, young and from a poor, rural area are harsh and unforgiving when the aim is a university degree.

This is where the Scholarship Initiative comes into the picture. By providing full scholarships to these talented youths, we are reaching out a helping hand. In turn, the students will be able to turn their dreams into reality and become change-makers in their local communities as they bring back skills and knowledge. At the same time, upon completion of their university degree the youths will be eligible to apply for Thai citizenship. This will have life-changing consequences not only for themselves but for the generations to follow. Having a nationality secures ones basic human rights, something these youths are currently denied as stateless persons.

A Scholarship is therefore not only a gateway to a higher education. It also sets the foundation for a future life as rightful citizens for the youths post graduation, thereby making the world more just, if only just a little. Please join rank with us and let us together bring hope and opportunities to many more aspiring young people, so they in time can pass it on to others.

Our Approach:

Each scholarship covers;

          – Course tuition fees

          – Accommodation at campus

          – School supplies, uniforms and educational trips

          – Living allowance

Our approach is very simple. We divide each scholarship into ten slots. Once ten individuals have agreed to sponsor a slot each for the full duration of a student’s university degree we are able to send another young person to university. The reason for us to divide the scholarships into ten equal slots is to keep costs down for each individual member. However, should anyone wish to acquire several slots this is also possible and surely very welcomed. We ask all new members to carefully consider that being part of a scholarship requires a commitment of four to five years, depending on the length of the student’s degree. This is to ensure that the student will be able to complete his or her degree in a financially sound manner, as well as being a responsibility towards fellow members. Yet, should life at some point unexpectedly get in the way, let’s talk about it! Payment for online law essay writing is made four times a year into the Scholarship Initiative’s bank account. We work very closely with Children of the Forest, which manages all logistics and supports the student throughout his or her degree. We have full transparency and share all key information about monetary transfers and payments including proof of receipts with our members. In addition, updates are made regularly to keep everyone informed on the students’ progress. Please feel free to contact us should you be interested in learning more about the Scholarship Initiative at