COF Business Plan 2021 – Partner With Us

Despite 16 years of commitment to education and child protection in Sangkhlaburi, COF is currently facing serious financial challenges. Like many NGOs operating along the Thai-Myanmar border, we are experiencing great difficulty in attracting new funding. This is mainly due to moves towards democratic government in Myanmar and many international donors shifting operations from border areas to inside Myanmar itself. The Covid-19 Pandemic has also affected our funding base.

Partnering with Children of the Forest shows that you or your organization supports children’s rights to education, protection and health care and will make a real and measurable difference in the lives of vulnerable stateless children.

In 2021 COF urgently requires funding support in three key area:

(1) COF Protection for Stateless Women & Children 2021 (95,203 USD)

(2) COF Migrant Youth High School Program (13,604 USD per year)

(3)Child Protection Residential Centre care (17,800 USD)