Our Supporters & Partners

Our work is made possible by the support of our key donors and support network of affiliated NGO partners. We have long-standing relationships with several international donors including: Kelly Family Foundation (USA), Mission Bambini (Italy), EMA (USA), Childs Dream Foundation, Lee and Thelma Bortolotti (Canada), Danish Women’s Network of Thailand and Just Trust Fund (UK).

New support has come from B:hip Company, Medtronic Company, Zanetti Foundation (Italy), San Zeno Foundation Italy, COF Association Zurich, Mr Lewis Black and Fans (USA) through COF USA, Mrs Eva Trige Andersen and Bangkok Patana School.

Many of our donors have supported the Children of the Forest journey from the beginning, enabling us to grow the range of services we provide.

To promote transparency and trust we are audited every year by:

Over 15 years of successful operations we have kept our administration/overhead costs to 8% of our overall budget.

Our current regular donors include:

  • Mission Bambini (Italy) – Funded part of our Elementary School and Child Protection Centre Education Programs since 2006. In addition Mission Bambini has funded our farming program since 2015
  • EMA Foundation (USA) Funded medical and social work programs since 2010
  • UK Education Sponsorship Programme (UK) – Funded administration costs, school lunches and teaching materials since 2006
  • Child’s Dream – Funded our Preparation Education and Korsanor Education Program since 2015
  • Just Trust Fund UK – Funded part of our Elementary school since 2014
  • COF USA – Set up by Robin Gascon & USA board of trustees to support Children of the Forest Thailand
  • COFA Zurich-Education Fund  Charitable foundation set up by Daniela Best, her friends and colleagues from Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Lee and Thelma Bortolotti (Canada) – Support for COF Child Protection Centre since 2015
  • B:Hip Thailand   –  Support for our school and child protection centre since 2016
  • Eva Trige Andersen – Support for our school and child protection centre since 2017

Fondazione San Zeno (Italy) –  Support for our Farm to School Program in 2017

There are so  many generous and kind one off donors who are not listed here who have and continue to make our work possible.

Our network of partners includes:

several local organisations and NGOs operating on the ground to support migrant stateless children. Some of our key partners include:

  • Baan Unrak: We have a long-standing reciprocal partnership with Baan Unrak. Many of the children in our protection program attend the Baan Unrak School, while children from Baan Unrak participate in our youth development activities, such as our art and football programs.
  • Sangkhlaburi Public Hospital – Medical referral.
  • River Kwai Christian Hospital – Special medical cases referral
  • Candlelight Ministries Sangkhlaburi – Working together to support individual with special needs or dissabilities.
  • Moo Baan Dek – Working together on child protection cases.
  • Mahidol University – Working together on community outreach projects.

We also maintain regular discussions with the Department of Social Welfare and Human Security, the government department responsible for charitable foundations in Thailand.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the many individuals who’ve donated to Children of the Forest. Our work would not be possible without you.