Keep on Swimming! Navigating these Covid-19 times at COF

Despite the presence of covid we are determined to provide a safe, happy and educational environment for the stateless children here. With safety measures in place, activities such as cooking, art and football remain an important part of everyday life. Education, so important to children already behind their Thai peers, must also continue.

The covid outbreak in our border region has continued. Responsible for both staff and children in our protection centre and school, we are faced with new cases on a daily basis. Our nurse provides covid tests every morning and the new cases are provided quarantine, medicine and care. Fortunately all cases so far have had mild symptoms and patients remain healthy and positive.

Increased homework, small classes, personal tuition and a mobile library have all been useful tools for ensuring stateless children, regardless of their location or situation, are guaranteed access to learning and knowledge. Without a brave and determined workforce this would not have been possible. We also feel great gratitude to our loyal sponsors who have supported us through these unpredictable and challenging times. Together, we feel confident we can indeed move forward to better times.