Health Care

As many Karen and Mon people are not recognised as Thai citizens, they are not eligible for free or state-subsidised health care and face prohibitive hospital fees. Children of the Forest’s Holistic Health Care Program provides comprehensive services to meet the physical, emotional and social needs of its beneficiaries in the Sangkhlaburi Region, many of whom are single or young mothers and their children. Over the years, our health program has grown to become a network of nine programs targeting not only outpatient care and inpatient referral, but also protection, livelihood support, vocational training and empowerment workshops.

Our Holistic Health Care Program has nine core components:

1. Inpatient and Outpatient Services providing immediate medical services to individuals unable to access the Thai health care system as well as referrals and support for individuals needing access to government hospitals

2. Single Mothers Program comprising empowerment workshops, maternal care and vocational trainings and employment opportunities for single mothers and their children

3. Rice Support Program tackling malnourishment by providing families with basic nutrition through outreach support

4. Baby Milk Program meeting the needs of mothers unable to provide their young children with milk through outreach support

5. Counseling and Social Services access for all cases entering the Holistic Health Care Program, including regular monitoring and follow up from qualified COF counselor and social worker

6. Serious medical cases and crisis cases receive the support and services their emergency demands

7. Medical trainings to build health knowledge and capacity in COF medical staff and community members

8. COF Mothers’ Safe House located on-site provides shelter to single mothers and serves as a point of entry to the Single Mothers Program

9. Community Safe Houses are located off-site to provide shelter to vulnerable parents alongside medical and social services and  outreach work. Our Holistic Health Care Program has become the first point of contact for many of the vulnerable and unrepresented communities in the Sangkhlaburi region. Our program and its dedicated team have the flexibility, resourcefulness and experience to adapt to the many needs of our beneficiaries. Our health care services from a comprehensive network of programs that annually serve over one thousand families and individuals.

Recent Annual Activities Reports