Our Farming Program has been operating since 2007. Today, we have a 23 acre farm that contains tapioca, rice, oil palm, rubber, turmeric, vegetables, an orchard and catfish ponds.

The farm provides practical farming experience in sustainable farming practices for children at the Free School and residential protection centre. The farm also gives us the opportunity to provide short term jobs for families at risk who are in need of support.

The produce from the farm contributes to breakfasts and lunches for children at the school and protection centre. The sales of produce from the farm also generate income for the project and contribute to its long-term sustainability.

Through generous support from donors such as Henrik Friis and family, Fondazione Mission Bambini, Fondazione Zanetti and San Zeno Foundation we are aiming for the COF farm to be fully sustainable by 2020. We hope that from 2021 farm profits can contribute significantly to the costs of running our child protection centre and school.

COF Children’s Rice Farm – Planting 2018.
Gathering Wild Vegetables on COF Farm – Bamboo Shoots.
Planting New Rubber Trees – COF Farm 2018
Our farm provides wonderful Opportunities for the children to engage in art activities.