Borderlands Art Gallery

By the way…

To support the children and our art program Borderland’s art is available as 30 cm x 45 cm prints or packs of 10 postcards.

Prints (30cm x 45cm) are $20 USD each + postage

Postcards are $10 USD per pack of 10 + postage

Book “Stateless”, 132 pages is $12 USD + postage

All proceeds go directly to the children’s education fund.

If you are interested please contact us here and we will mail you the item you like and a big thank you for supporting our art program.

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Personal and Imaginative

Meet some of our young artists…

Noppon is an 11 year old Karen boy. He is currently in grade 5 of elementary school. In 2016 he had a bicycle accident, which meant for a while he could not study. In this time he developed a love for drawing

Chai Yut Is a 12 year old Karen boy. He lives with his mother in COF village, which is an extension of our Mother & Child Protection Program. He loves studying and has a real interest in art.

Namkang is a 13 year old Karen girl. She lives with her father in COF village. Her mum left a few years ago. She is a kind girl known for being helpful and for her love of football.

Fern is a 12 year old Karen girl living in COF child protection centre. Fern’s mother abandoned her when she was quite you after her father passed away. She is in grade 5 and loves to study. She is creative and caring.





Titi is a 14 year old Karen boy. He is smart but not that keen on studying , however, his interest in football and art has helped him to be more settled at school.





Jo-e is a 16 years old Karen boy. He started his schooling late so he is still in elementary school. He is a responsible and caring boy who is well liked.



Poyeeyee is 15 year old Karen girl. She has lived in COF child protection centre since she was a little girl. Both her parents passed away from disease. She is intelligent and creative girl, known for her quirky sense of humor





Kanchana is a 14 year old Mon girl in junior high school. She loves to read. She is a quiet thoughtful girl.






Ong is a 14 year old Mon boy who has lived in COF child protection centre since he was abandoned when he was about 3 years old. He is a caring boy who loves nature and the jungle.






Pawticlae is a 12 year old Karen girl who everyone likens to the character Pipi Long Stockings. She is tall and gangly, friendly and fiercely loyal to her friends and loves going on adventures.

Tor is a 15 year old Mon boy. He lost his arm when he was little but makes up for it with his love for art and creating.

Gung is a 13 year old Karen girl who loves to think and create. She has lived here since she was abandoned in the city.

Sidulay is an 18 year old Mon boy. He is responsible and helpful and known for his caring attitude toward the younger children. He started school very late but is now learning to read and write.




Suda is 20 years old Mon women. She started school late but she is very proud now to have finished high school. She hopes to go onto university. Suda is a talented long distance runner who has competed successfully at provincial level.

Dusa is a 16 year old Karen girl. She loves art and music.