Dear friends and supporters of Children of the Forest,

Thank you for sharing our journey in 2018, for your generous support and inspiring kindness.  We hope that 2019 is another great year for each of you and for us together as a community supporting stateless children. The Children of the Forest Christmas Rice Appeal has become an important part of our annual funding. This vital appeal provides us with the fundamental security of rice for all our programs. Supporting 220 students at our kindergarten, elementary school and home school programs, more than 100 children in the COF protection centre, over 25 single mothers and their children plus dozens of needy families supported via our outreach rice support programs. The annual rice appeal benefits countless lives. The profound impact and benefit of our annual appeal means we respectfully request your assistance once again. Whatever you can contribute, your donation will make a difference. Please help us ensure that 2019 is another year of safety and opportunity for stateless children in the Thai-Myanmar border zone of Sangkhlaburi.