Helping and contacting Children of the Forest:

Through all of its various programmes Children of the Forest is currently making a vital contribution to the lives of over 1000 orphaned, abandoned, trafficked, abused or otherwise disadvantaged, stateless Mon & Karen children in Sangkhlaburi zone of the Thai/Burma border. That contribution is focused on child protection, health & education. But the children who are the beneficiaries of these programmes ultimately gain much more than safety, education & elementary life skills. They gain as well the realistic prospect of Thai ID & thereby a path to a safer, more secure & happier life than they could otherwise have hoped for. In short they gain the chance of living full, meaningful lives.

To do all of this Children of the Forest is dependent upon adequate funding. While funding is always a scarce commodity, Children of the Forest is particularly constrained at present: squeezed between the inevitably increasing demand for its services & the mounting costs of those services. For instance, it has very recently been widely publicised that the cost of rice in Thailand is expected to increase by as much as 25% over the course of the coming year. Worse still, some significant & longstanding donors have recently reduced the level of their funding in response to financial constraints of their own.

Children of the Forest is always looking to enlarge the sources of its funding. For the reasons just cited it is especially anxious to do so right now. Currently those sources are

  • The sponsorship of individual children
  • Regular donors (both individual & institutional)
  • One-off grants or donations

Likely you will already have gained sufficient insight from this website of the range & scale of Children of the Forest’s objectives initiatives & activities. If having done so you would like to help financially (to whatever extent) in any of the ways indicated above, then please use Children of the Forest  secure pay pal service (look at the bottom of the page).

or Children of the Forest Foundation bank account:

Account name……..Children of the Forest Foundation
Account number…..679-2170955

Siam Commercial Bank

Tambon Nonglu
Kanchanaburi 71240

or contact us by e mail:

Project Director: Daniel Hopson  –

Project Manager & Operations Director: Mark Curragh  –

Outreach Programmes Manager & COF Board Secretary- Watjai –

Sapanporn Taweemongkonchai – Senior House Mother & Board Treasurer –

(we are in the process of setting up an administration address for this web site)

Or if you would like more information or you have any specific questions which are not answered by the material on our website, then please immediately contact us likewise.

Sincere thanks from us all,

The Children of the Forest team.

We need help providing rice for the children.  If you are able to sponsor a bag or two of rice that would be a wonderful help. Please watch out for our Christmas rice appeal.


Children of the Forest provides food to a large number of people every day:

Number of meals per day Total number of meals provided
Lunch for 350 children and 30 staff at COF free school 1 380
3 meals per day for 15 mothers and 32 children in the mother and children protection program 3 141
Breakfast and dinner for 34 children and 5 staff in the Older children’s protection centre 2 78
Breakfast and dinner for 76 children and 6 staff in the baby unit, young and middle children’s protection centres 2 164
763 meals per day

In addition Children of the Forest supports around 20 sick, or otherwise needy people in the community at any one time

763 meals per dayby providing them with rice. On average this is an additional 250kg of rice per month.

In total COF uses 25 sacks of rice each month (each sack is 49kg).

25 x 12 months = 300 sacks of rice each year.

In 2011 rice prices are set to rise to around 850 THB per sack for rice of reasonable quality.

We need 300 x 850 THB =  255,000 THB per year or around 8,500 USD to have enough rice for all the children and mothers in Children of the Forest programs.

Please support Children of the Forest’s 2011 Christamas rice appeal …

COF RICE XMAS RICE APPEAL 2011 on facebook

or follow the rice appeal 2011 progress at ……