Please have a look at some video from the 8th session of Sangkhlaburi Art Centre a programme that Children of the Forest runs in partnership with Arteca and Circus Action International. As well as sculpture, dance, multi media and fine arts experiences for stateless children the programme has provided emergency education for children new to the area who cannot for various reasons enroll in government school programmes. The 8th session has benefited around 130 children living in a wide area in the Sangkhlaburi zone of the Thai/Burma border.

2011 Children of the Forest Christmas Rice Appeal

After great success last year, the Children of the Forest Christmas Rice Appeal is back! Read on to find out how you can solve all of your Christmas present dilemmas, whilst at the same time helping out a fantastic cause.


Dear friends and supporters,

we hope you can find the time to join us for a brief update, a small expression of our deep gratitude to you all and a chance to show how we strive to turn your generous assistance into meaningful, life empowering choices for the stateless children of the border zone.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with you throughout 2012.

Warm regards,

from us all at Children of the Forest.

COF Newsletter January 2012

Border Lands is a new COF programme for stateless youth at risk which aims to create a safe learning environment & to provide genuine knowledge and skills to highly vulnerable young people in the Sangkhlaburi area so as to equip them with the ability to make informed decisions about their lives. Borderlands is an arts based youth programme aiming to engage young people through creative and meaningful activities so that they can explore and learn about themselves, their rights and the wider world. Borderlands aims to work in both a preventative role and also to support youth already dealing with trauma. Read more..

May 2012 Children of the Forest Opens a New Medical Clinic

On the 1st of May children of the Forest opened its new medical and women’s health centre. The centre has a central consultation area, a separate treatment room, male and female recovery areas and a secure medical storage room. As well as providing first line medical care (particularly for malaria, dengue fever), for the children in our residential programme and free school the new centre will be a meeting point/training centre for stateless women’s health issues. Located at the heart of COFs Mother and Child Protection shelter the clinic is well placed to become an active centre to help with the many medical issues facing extremely poor, vulnerable stateless women, particularly abandoned mothers, living in the Sangkhlaburi border zone. An issue of particular concern is the alarmingly high number of unplanned pregnancies amongst the stateless teen population. COF wants the new medical and womens health facility to become a centre that helps address some of the issues/gaps in knowledge, that are behind many of these unplanned pregnancies. Our long serving medical programme leader, Dalaitheuw and her medical assistant ‘Wud’ together have years of experience in border clinics and know well the issues facing stateless women living on the Thai side of the border. COF thanks everyone who has helped make this excellent facility possible but particularly would like to thank Susanne and The Danish Women’s Network of Bangkok, Connie Adler and the EMA Foundation, friends and family of Jan Curragh NZ and Network Aiuto Assistendza Accoglienza(N.A.A.A) ONLUS. COF Medical Team and COF Mother & Child Protection programme look forward to updating you again soon. See photos.

Children of the Forest 2012 Board

  1. Dr. May Chavanakunakorn  (President)
  2. Daniel Tomas Hopson (Vice President)
  3. Wiwat Thanapanyaworakhun (Secretary)
  4. Sapanporn Taweemongkonchai (Treasurer)
  5. Prof. Bencharat Chansorn
  6. Dr. Sansanee Kriperk
  7. Bancheum Chansorn
  8. Mark William Curragh

2012 Children of the Forest -List of Strategic Objectives

  1. To fully explore the options (including relative opportunities & risks) for the COF Free School acquiring, without prejudice to its current mission, the status of a free private school & thereby accessing both new & enhanced sources of Thai government funding.
  2. To engage as a member of the staff of the COF school a dedicated employment/vocational training officer whose function would be to identify safe employment opportunities for COF children, to provide them with the skills needed to take up such opportunities & to monitor the progress of those children placed in such employment.
  3. To connect the COF school & the Borderlands Youth Programme [to each other] to other organisations working, in both similar & different contexts, with vulnerable children outside of Sangkhlaburi eg “The Hub” (a drop-in centre for street children in Bangkok run by Childline.)
  4. To continue to improve & to expand initiatives currently centred on rice tapioca & vegetable cultivation for achieving self-sufficiency in food production: including the introduction of new crops (initially chilli & sesame).
  5. To encourage the development of initiatives within villages & other small communities for them to provide direct support (without COF’s own direct involvement) to & for vulnerable women & their children living within those villages & communities.
  6. To further develop in partnership with ADMCF and Amicus Foundation of Thailand a jointly initiated scholarship programme whose purpose is to send high achieving girls from communities or other backgrounds which are highly vulnerable to boarding schools outside of Sangkhlaburi & thereby to afford such girls a range of educational & other opportunities which would be otherwise beyond their grasp.
  7. To undertake a comprehensive review of COF’s child protection philosophy & in the context of such review to fully identify the risks faced by the children in COF’s stewardship to the intent of developing afresh through internal & democratic means  (so as best to promote the prospects for their full acceptance by COF staff) a set of polices which are not only fully relevant to those risks but which will also promote the prospects for COF becoming a model for NGO’s of its type in SE Asia & thereby enhancing the prospects for COF winning & retaining the confidence of new institutional long-term funders.
  8. To co-operate with other NGO’s & CBO’s working in related fields of activity in the Sangkhaburi district with a view to encouraging the efficient deployment of resources including in particular the avoidance of any semblance of competition or the duplication of endeavour.
  9. To further improve the facilities & opportunities available for COF & other disadvantaged children in the vicinity of Sangkhlaburi for their engagement in sporting activities.
  10. To re-focus the mission of the COF school on the most vulnerable of the at risk children in the vicinity of Sangkhlaburi (ie on those school-aged children not currently accessing any education) to the intent that the school becomes the means for those children making a successful transition into the Thai state education system.
  11. To develop & expand a dedicated art programme targeting (especially but not exclusively) talented vulnerable youth to the intent of affording them the means of recognising their own talent as well as their ability to express & to achieve & as a result of the confidence gained through such self-recognition,  to access an opportunity for expanding those horizons which, for so many of them, currently limit their view of the world & their place in it.
  12. For the better utilization of the communal facilities which comprise part of the of the new medical clinic, to develop & implement an active womens health programme especially for the benefit of very young &/or abandoned mothers .

Children of the Forest 2013 New Year message