Abandoned mothers in Sangkhlaburi near the Thai/Burmese Border face huge hardship, and are particularly vulnerable. For most of these women, the father and husband, the only breadwinner, has died or abandoned the family. The right to live on plantation or factory land was dependent on the husband and families left behind are regularly evicted and find themselves homeless and forced to wander looking for food and shelter. With few, if any, employable skills, women are left in a critical struggle to provide basic necessities for themselves and their children. These women also face huge social pressure to remarry. Previous children are often unwanted and abused by the new stepparent. Women often stay in abusive relationships in order to keep a roof over their head. They can also fall victim to human trafficking activities.

We try to keep families together by inviting abandoned mothers in distress and their children to join COF Mother & Child Protection Programme, providing them with immediate shelter, food and medical care.

We regularly visit and provide food and medical care to women in villages, some very remote, in the Sangkhlaburi area. When we find women and children in abusive situations, we provide emotional support and encouragement, and where necessary, physical and monetary assistance in leaving the abuser and moving to our programme. Our main objective is to first help heal the relationship between mother and child, to bring them together again then to provide skills and training that will foster economic independence.

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