Before this little girl was born her mother lived in Burma. The mother was a very beautiful Muslim girl, the only daughter of a Muslim Burmese family. One day she met a Karen man whom she fell in love with. The young couple ran away to the border and paid money to a trafficker to get them work in Thailand. They were arrested in Thailand and after 5 days in a Thai prison with out food were deported. The husband then abandoned his young wife as she was now pregnant. Many people say if she hadn’t been pregnant she would have been raped by the Burmese soldiers as punishment for trying to enter Thailand. Pregnant and destitute the young mother wandered the border begging for food. A family saw her and felt sorry for her and took her to their home on the Thai side of the border in a place called Three Pagoda Pass. Luckily they could cross the border without incident. The girl worked for the family until the baby arrived. The family were poor themselves and couldn’t afford the extra mouth to feed so the mother went looking for work with her new

baby. The mother could not produce milk and couldn’t buy powdered milk. The baby had become very thin and sickly and people who saw the women were worried for both mother and baby. The mother now desperate approached a trafficker to sell the baby girl. The trafficker offered 2,500 baht for her baby. A concerned villager had contacted Children of the Forest and an outreach worker was sent to the border to talk with the mother.  The outreach worker acted quickly and threatened to involve the police if the baby were sold.  The mother said she didn’t want the baby and wanted to look for her husband. Children of the Forest accepted the 45 day old baby into our infant protection program.  Today she is a little girl and is strong and happy and full of smiles.